Genoa Hamiel Therapy

Therapy for real folks.


 Because you don’t have any more time for BS.


Is it hard to find the humor in things right now?

Are you exhausted, putting on a front for others when you’re actually kinda miserable?

Can’t stand bothering other people with your laundry list of difficulties?



You don’t want to have to hide out, to feel bad about who you are and how you are.

You want more for yourself. 


More lightness. More connection. More joy.

And you are ready to make it happen. 


If it’s been too hard to do on your own, it might be time to reach out.


Hey, I’m Genoa. Maybe I can help you get from here to there.

Maybe you’d benefit from the support of someone who can help you make sense of where you are so you can reach toward where you want to be.

Someone who’s caring, and cares enough to lovingly nudge you in new directions.

Someone who invites you to be a full human: to laugh when it makes sense and also make room for those icky feelings.

Someone who is real and helps you feel more real.