Hey, you!


Sometimes what other people see in us and what we feel inside don’t match up.

We may feel like we're putting up a good front, but inside we're a ball of stress.  

It can be tiring! And lonely...


When our usual tools are no longer working,

sometimes the best idea is to lean into some help for a while.


Maybe I can be part of that leaning in.


I have a special calling in working with folks whose minds are in overdrive. 

They don't trust their own minds anymore and don't know what to do about the whole mess.

It's getting at them and not working so well anymore...


And they're ready to make lasting change.


Maybe you're there now.

Maybe you're ready to try something kinda new:

Body awareness


Our body has a lot to say...

Does your anxiety feel like a pressure in the chest, a pit in the stomach, a buzzing in the head? Do you feel like you're looking at yourself from a distance? Or like you have no idea what you feel, just know you feel bad?

Let's listen in a new way.

In somatic therapy with me, we get to sort through your actual experience together (rather than talking about it in circles).

You get to understand your struggles from the ground up.

Then it often happens: more comfort in your own skin and more of a match between your insides and your outsides. You don't have to work as hard and you have renewed energy. 

But it requires making some moves!


When talking just isn't enough.