Q: How much talking do we do in somatic therapy?

I'm not sure what to expect.  

A: We still talk a bunch, but stick closer to your physical sensations and experience in the moment.

It's actually super important to use language to describe our experience and share with others. And I want to know your story. We will just slow it down a whole bunch, and include your emotions as experienced through your body.


Q: Are you going try and push me toward "getting in touch with my feelings"?

I can't really be pushed into anything, let alone by someone when it seems they're out of touch.

A: Okay, I'll fess up: I highly value feelings. They're a pretty big deal...

since they're the thing we try to lock away, and they're the key to feeling more at home in ourselves. We do stick close to your actual, in-the-moment physical sensations of feelings, so it may be tricky in moments, but it's not a bunch of BS. Also, you get to decide for how long you want to hang out with your feelings and when you want to move us away into safer (ie thinking) territory.


A: Short answer: It depends!

Generally speaking, weekly therapy is the way to go in the beginning. We get a chance to really get some traction and keep moving forward in your process of healing and growth. 

Also, some therapy is better than none. In most all circumstances. And in my not-so-humble opinion. So we'll work together and feel it out week by week. 

Q: How frequently should we have therapy sessions? 

Isn't once a week overkill? I have a busy life and am not made of money.