Genoa Hamiel Therapy

Ready for less anxiety and more joy?


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 You've tried everything you can think of, but nothing is working.

I wonder if any of this sounds like you:


It's all too much!

People tell me I'm too sensitive. If I'm honest with myself, I often wish I could just hide. All kinds of things upset my equilibrium, whether it's chaotic places or exchanges I have with other people.I wish I could just let things roll off my back, but so much seems to get to me...I'd love to figure out what to do differently. 


I feel like I'm faking it.

I often feel like I'm putting on a performance when I'm with other people. I become some version of myself I imagine is expected of me and it all feels wrong. I don't know how to act naturally and sometimes wonder if others are on to me. I am so ready to change that, but it doesn't seem possible.

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My past is getting to me.

I used to be great at compartmentalizing the less-than-ideal details of my past. I just can't keep it up anymore! I notice that random feelings and even memories crop up when I least expect it. I don't feel like myself when it happens. I'm super ready to deal with it, but don't know how.


Guess what?

You don't have to feel like this forever!

Feel at home.

Within yourself and in your world.

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Hey there, I'm Genoa.

I’ve found people come to me who have a lot going for them. And nonetheless they're saddled with unwelcome feelings and stresses that are making them secretly miserable.

They're so ready to start thriving rather than just surviving, and are ready to try something new.